Ocean-based thermal power FGD - an accelerator for global FGD Deployments at a large scale
  • Over 20 years of operation proved that NSW FGD, which uses only natural seawater to reduce emissions without secondary chemical pollution, has higher desulfurization rates than FGD processes that rely on chemicals. Moreover, it can lower the cost by about 80%.
  • Through the demonstration of NSW FGD projects at the large-scale thermal power plants, NSW FGD has started and promoted the deployment of various FGD in the thermal power industry of China, facilitating the acceleration of the deployment of global land-based FGD.
  • Seawater scrubbing FGD thus becomes BAT.
Mr. Peng Sigan (ZCEIU/CEPT) addressed the chief speech on the promising marine NSW technology for energy and environmental control.
August 30, 2001, the US-China Clean Energy Technology Forum
Power station project by MPT
Zero Carbon Energy Innovation Union Inc
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